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Web Presence Package

The design and features of this package are aimed at getting the casual "Web Surfer" to look at your page, take an interest in your product, and then contact you about the product(s) or services that you are selling. This package, containing your company logo, up to 3 graphics, text, a "hit" counter, e-mail, and "Multilevel Structuring" (up to three), makes this a versatile and effective site. The site is not built around the rigid confines of the template and gives the customer more possibilities to enhance the design and layout.

What is "Multilevel Structuring?"

The simple answer is speed. The more people on the web, the slower it goes, just like rush-hour traffic. Multilevel Structuring allows your site to be built in sections or layers. This provides the user with faster download speeds and the freedom to "click" on areas of information about your company. Ask your sales representative for more details and examples. 

Web Presence Package fees:

  • Setup Charge: $20.00
  • Monthly Storage: $30.00 
  • Search Engine Registration: $40.00 (optional)
  • Design Charges: as quoted 

Design charges consist of any work that is being done to the customers' site. Customers are permitted to design and produce their own pages, but must meet quality standards. Please keep in mind that it may require more time to modify a poorly designed page than create a new one from scratch. 

Key Benefits

  • Impressive design gets your business noticed. 
  • Variety of areas to visit within your site.
  • Customers can find you via Search Engines (if used). 

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