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Web Grabber Package

This package is only limited by the amount of available space permitted, which is 5 Megabytes. Your site can have unlimited graphics, text, links, Java, and JavaScript. E-mail and custom order forms allow your company to do online ordering. "Multilevel Structuring" once again is utilized to make the site appear quickly, so that users don't "give up" while waiting for graphics or embedded information. This package includes registration with Web search engines to provide the user with easy and reliable access to your company. 

Web Grabber Package fees:

  • Setup Charge: $20.00 
  • Monthly Storage: $50.00 
  • Search Engine Registration: included
  • Design Charges: as quoted

Design charges consist of any work that is being done to the customers' site. Customers are encouraged to provide a layout indicating how they would like their page to appear. Please keep in mind that the confines of HTML coding do not always allow all of the special features as found by Newspaper or Magazine printing capabilities. This package is especially useful for companies that conduct national and international trade or have weekly specials that they wish to have updated on their site. 

Key Benefits 

  • The use of advanced graphics and Java capture and hold the user.
  • Ordering of your products can be done quickly and easily.
  • An amazing array of options are available.

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