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Web Awareness Package

This package is designed to get your company name announced to the World Wide Web. Most of the visitors to your page will originate from word of mouth or the Infinite Effects Homepage rather than the major search engines on the Web. The package includes a company logo, a graphic, and approximately one full page of text. 

Your site will be built on a template platform rather than custom built from scratch. The logo and graphic can be custom made by Infinite Effects (fees additional) or camera ready images provided by your company are also acceptable. 

Web Awareness Package fees:

  • Setup Charge: $20.00 
  • Monthly Storage: $5.00

This package is specifically designed for very small companies and stores who want to tell local citizens that, "They have a Web Page!!!" Increased sales from this package will probably be minimal. 

Package Add-Ons

  • E-mail address: $5.00/month 
  • Counter: $5.00/month 

Key Benefits

  • Gives your company a place to start and get a "feel" for the World Wide Web. 
  • Allows you to publicize your Homepage. 

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